The Impact of the Universal Energies: and How to Use Them
By Robert Maldonado

We are living in dramatic and exciting times. Never before in our history has there been so much new information and transformational change in science, technology and consciousness. Humanity is undergoing a Cosmic Initiation; a reawakening, a rebirth into a greater purpose, higher consciousness, and union with the primordial, universal, and intelligent Light that always was, is, and will be. A new wave of energies are engulfing the planet, providing a renewing and restoring to our solar system as our solar system moves into a new reality in the Cosmos. Many of us are already feeling its effects, some are already riding and working with this new and powerful wave of light, the Double Helix, and experiencing more joy, peace and love. As the energy moves through the planet, we are finding new ways to grow, heal, and assist others. We are embracing spiritual growth and connecting with our Higher Selves, our expanded consciousness. When you incarnated to this lifetime, you volunteered to be on the leading edge of this wave.The Impact of the Universal Energies and How To Use Them is an account of how we can, by the grace of Spirit, step beyond the grip of life’s experiences into the “field” of spiritual knowing. The author leads us through soul searching and brings us mind altering wisdom that leads to the wholeness of the heart, from doubt to growing knowledge and from mere survival to creating and embracing our life.

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Flying With My Higher Self: Awakening to Self Mastery
By Robert Maldonado

What would your life be like if an ascended master like Jesus or the Buddha came to earth, and you could have a personal conversation about everything… Everything, including life, death, the afterlife, the spiritual path, becoming a better person and realizing one’s full potential? What if this being was to remind you of that ageless truth that you are your higher self? To listen to and trust the guidance in your life and follow its voice, so as to become acquainted with spiritual things in a way that was impossible without it? You are the pilot of your life and always, always remember that you are not flying alone.
One summer morning the author met Sam Watson, a helicopter pilot. The author’s life changed forever.

Once upon a time, a helicopter pilot came to earth and proclaimed to be a master teacher of the Truth. The truth that humanity can realize their God-Nature by becoming their Higher Self…

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childrenChildren of Atlantis: Keepers of the Crystal Skull
By Robert Maldonado

Archeologist Andres Paredes makes the discovery of his life when he finds a crystal skull in a cave at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. This propels him on a secret journey to open sacred portals closed for thousands of years.

Andres learns the skull originated in ancient Atlantis, and possesses magic powers capable of inducing trance states in which hidden truths are revealed.

The skull-induced stupor leads Andres deep into his own past and the story of ancient Atlantis, and soon he stumbles on a violent conflict between the Atlantean Temple of the Law of One and the dark, power-hungry Temple of the Sun. With the help of the skull and his expanding dream life, Andres attains new insight into the spiritual duality that defines both his own story and the story of civilizations past and present.

Will the light and truth he finds within be strong enough to overcome trauma and loss, or will the darkness and destruction win in the end?

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The Calling of the Heart: A Journey in Self-Healing
By Robert Maldonado

In The Calling of the Heart, Maldonado teaches us to honor ourselves and where we are in our lives; he teaches us to be open to other realties and to receiving guidance from others. Content includes development of the healer, healing wounds, international spiritual tours, stories of healing, a discussion of his eclectic healing practice, personal reflections on the healing journey, and a vision of the future in healing.Click Here to purchase.