Upcoming Projects

Robert is working on several exciting projects:

My Life Stories by Rafael Maldonado & Robert R. Maldonado
Follow Ralph Maldonado, Roberts father as he tells his life stories with love and humor from his childhood, military service, living and working overseas, marriage and life in retirement in Carmel California.

Release date: September 2016

ART with a Purpose for Veterans—Pilot Study
Veterans will participate in several expressive Art Classes to explore the role of lowering the percentage of negative thinking in their lives and to empower them to heal. The pilot study will serve as a grounding for an expanded version of the project in order to investigate additional tools that will be of support to veterans.

Date: August 2016

Stepping Out–Embracing the New Spiritual Awareness by Robert R. Maldonado
Explores the emergence of a new spiritual consciousness from the experiences we are having and sharing and the challenges that we are facing in living this way of life every day. The author uses his personal journey and earlier works and interviews with people on a spiritual path as a foundation to explore where the shift is happening, where we are headed and the meaning of these experiences.

Release date: TBD

Energy Medicine Partnerships Conference with Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook and Robert R. Maldonado
Spiritual development to enhance health and well-being through guided experiences that clear the past and enrich life; soul healing/meridian self-care/EM integral movement; story-telling process (where you are now and where you want to go) & developing higher sense perception.

Date: Fall 2016

Children of Atlantis: Keepers of the Crystal Skull Study Group

Date: TBD